Our rural womens artisans cooperative
in Guerrero, México brings to you

"New World Mexican Women"

 "New World Mexican Women"

authentic handwritten letters - real letters to and from real people - written to loved ones in the United States

Do you want to read letters written by Mexican women
to husbands, brothers, fathers, lovers in the United States?

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“Ruben please come home the children have not seen you in three years and little Beto is a young man and Lupita asks about her papa. I know we agreed you should try your fortune in the United States, but I didnt know it would be so lonely and that you would be gone for such a long time, please return to us…”

“Dearest Luis when you called on the telephone I was so happy to hear your voice and to know that you had passed safely over to the other side of the border. Good luck. God will help you. Your mother is here with me I will take care of her until you return. Work hard, don’t drink, save money, come back to me and the children.”

This publication will provide you with important information
about the best ways to connect with these women, to find out
about how you can work with them, to have men to return home.


Make Your Own Traditional Mexican JewelryThis book includes twenty (20) Make-Your-Own_Jewelry Projects.

These projects are represented with sharp photographic images and **very** clear instructions and descriptions.

135 Pages;
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20 Make-your-own projects
by the Artesanas Campesinas in Mexico.
All you need to create
these beautiful jewelry pieces
is to follow illustrated
step-by-step instructions
and a pair of pliers. (Very Easy!)

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of the original handwritten letter in the printed book.

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"New World Mexican Women"
Authentic Letters of Village Women
to Loved Ones in the United States


 "New World Mexican Women"


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